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Quick Shoutout

[Staff] TheWaffleChef a posted Mon at 1:04
I just want to do a quick shout out to the folks who have recently donated. It goes a long way to making sure the server stays up nice and long, and I and all of our staff and players are all very thankful! So thanks guys, a millions times over.


ShipwreckV27 a posted Jul 6, 14
Ok im super stoked for this! Some of you may remember an old staf member by the name of jling941. Anyways, those of you who do, we need to give him a big congratulations! jling is having a baby! Jamie ling is due in 5 weeks! Jling i want to personally congratulate you and tell you from experience, you are about to witness the most amazing thing the world has to offer, treasure it and your wife for ever! You my friend will never forget this day! So happy for you buddy, youll never be forgotten!
Dangawsome Woah Congrats man!!!
geo11_2012 Didn't think Men could have babies?????
DemonicTiara btw congratz !

Map Purge FAQ

[Staff] lordgodzxiii a posted Jun 19, 14
So, you've pissed off some of our lovely staff with your rapid fire questions and they're no longer answering any of your commonly asked questions about the map reset! Congratz to you! But have no fear, I am here to answer many of your questions!
Q:Why did the server reset?
A: Due to a few bugs and corrupted chunks, the previous world would frequently crash and therefore became unplayable. So we've taken this as an opportunity to do a complete map purge along with the impending 1.8 update soon, along with the chance to fix some of our errors. 
Q:Where did all my items go? My home? Everything?
A: Everything has been wiped clean; money, items, mcmmo, jobs, all gone. Thats right, they are no more. We have a fresh map and all mcmmo levels set to Zero.
Q:What happened to spawn?
A: A new spawn has been built from scratch by your lovely admins and have spent the last two days slaving away to make the server playable again. Please thank: TheWaffleChef, Lexii_Madness, LordGodzXIII, Maddybojenkins, Dolan, and Tayannabanana for their hard work and effort.
Q:What happened to towns?
A: Towny has been scraped once again and we have switched over to factions. Why? Because factions would be a fresh alternative to towny and we have been listening to your requests for factions
Q:How do I use factions?
A: Do [/kit factions] or [/f help] for an indepth guide to your factions experience.
Q:What happened to shops? Will there be a server shop?
A: All previous shops were deleted. We have not set up player shops yet nor have we set up a server shop. However, Those will be here very soon so stay tuned!
Q:Why don't I have access to my donor kit?
A: To ensure ALL players have a fair start, we have disabled /kit donor. We are not a "pay to win" server and thus will not allow people to have an unfair advantage at the start. However, that being said, once the server population is at the point of having enough items, we will allow kit donor. This will be done in a couple weeks.
Q:Can I get my items back?
A: Nope. Fresh start. Don't expect or ask for your items back.

And Ship... Give him a big round of applause!

PolymerBoy so thats why you still have those kits
PolymerBoy /kit tools and /kit citizen are not as OP as donor kits like /kit donor 2 part of it is the donor blade which is diamond ...
[Staff] lordgodzxiii a still got /kit citizen
So sorry for being gone for a day and a half, but we're finally ready to open our doors to the masses.

That being said, a lot of changes were made to the server, some good ,some bad. Firstly, we unfortunatly had to say goodbye to Towny in exchange for Factions. Some people will be happy, others not as much, but it give us a chance to try some new things. You'll spawn with a book detailing all the commands you might need for factions ,so you should be able to learn pretty quickly.

Nextly is a new map. Unfortunately as all maps do, ours became to corrupted and laggy to use any longer. So we had to get rid of the old one, and replace it with a new one. This does mean all your hard earned gear was lost, but lets face it, getting it was half the fun, right? No? Oh well, there was not much we could do to save it.

However, our crack team of staff  have been working very hard to make a brand new spawn with even more cool stuff to explore and learn about.

Finally, in an effort to level out the server, all stats, money, and job levels were reset to make sure everyone started on an even playing field.

Sorry for the bad news, but we hope you stick with us and find a new place to live, make new friends, and live some more memories. See you all on server!
PolymerBoy Thank you for your hard work guys
PolymerBoy I LOVE spawn, and I would like to thank all the staff for all the new stuff on the server, like skyblock, and choosing t ...
ShipwreckV27 a Thanks dill we appreciate hearing it ...
So the reason the server has been down for so long is not because of some silly hacker or messed up files. We're working on something super cool and making some big changes. This will take quite some time, so for now the server will have to remain white-listed while the staff and I work tirelessly so we can continue to provide a great experience and tons of fun for our players. When the maintenance is done i will post on the front page here, so keep watching the website.
JonMaster5657 that's exciting!
AnimePsycho69 OoOOOooOooOo Can't wait ...
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[Staff] TheWaffleChefThis has got to be the prettiest scenery I've ever found in Minecraft.
Liked this
PolymerBoy   dat scenery doe
Black_Beard   Its gonna be more bootyful with Shaders
JYKM   ^ lag out ur pc xD
[Staff] lordgodzxiiithis wool block is hollow
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tayannabanana   I've been seeing hollow wool blocks too :o
JonMaster5657   that happens to me a lot on forge
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Hi guys, I'm gonna be gone from SC for a while. Most people would probably like that, so your welcome lol. I'll be back in 1.8, and i'll be checking the forums every day. :d
This is just poop. But that's nothing we can to about it!, we just need to wait. and spam the staff on fb and here so they can open it :p
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