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As of today we are shutting down our vanilla server to make room for our ftb tppi server. This doesn't mean the end of classic shipcraft, only that we are putting it on hold. The numbers just aren't adding up and it wouldn't make sense to run it on such a powerful server. Therefore we may bring back vanilla one day. We just can't spend time and resources on something nobody is going to play. 
If you would like to play on our ftb server. Download tppi under 3rd party packs and join via the original shipcraft ip. It is recommended to run it with 2.5 g ram dedicated to java
Diilllon I have to say, Im pretty sad however we all saw it coming
Please hang tight as we move things around and get everything situated. Thanks peeps!
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xXFighter176XxHalloween be getting closer... Can't wait to be able to play Minecraft again after 3 months.
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I feel this server will be better off as a vanilla server. Maybe 1.8 and not so PvP orientated
Day 1811
Gonna be building something on the server if it comes back on for vanilla. Hehehe >D:
I May not play anymore. but Rip Shipcraft </3
iz da surver uhp yit guise?
fixed ..
All my Tppi does is freeze when i open it :S
*thinks of something incredibly intellegent to say*
I still miss Vanilla D:
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