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Well, we couldn't quite update to 1.7.8, but were going to get it working soon. Stay tuned for more info about that. We are up andrunning again with 1.7.2 so you can keep playing the way we have been. If you updated to 1.7.8 there are a few ways to revert, just look them up on Google, shouldn't be too much of an issue.

So in the process of updating to 1.7.8 there have been some minor complications that are beyond my expertise [ha ha, like i have any of that]. Lexi and i are brainstorming and we'll get it up and running asap, until them please do be patient. I'll post when its up again.

UPDATE 1: It looks like we might not be able to update quite yet. I'm still trying to figure it out.

Steve wow
PolymerBoy wow its an update about an update XD
Hey Guys, as you know the website was down for a few days and the server was dangerously close to shutting down Friday [today] but we managed to scape some funds together to keep it up. We come to you, the great community we've gathered ans ask you to help. We need any kind of donations you guys can make to help the server keep up. I know how much the server means to me, and im sure it means a lot to you guys as well. That's why i'm super scared to see it almost go down, and if it doesn't get some more donations, it might go down for good as soon as next month.

So please guys, for the love of Shipcraft, please do you best to try to help out.  And even if you can help with money, if we can spam youtube and tell all your friends, to join Shipcraft. New players mean maybe they can help. The last thing i want from you guys, however, is some crude attitude and snarky response. [You know who you are]

So guys, I love this server, i know a lot of you also do. LEts try to keep this place running as long as we can, just think of all the great memories you have made, and how many more we can make in the future day. I know we have some huge plans in the near work and we'd hate for all the work we had going, specifically concerning nations. I hope to be seeing you all a lot more for a lot longer.

Thanks for Listening Guys and Gals,
Waffle Out.
Steve Ship why Member/Citizen Kit is Removed ...
Dangawsome I can proboley only donate 6 dollers and that would be all of my money i could do yardwork and stuff doh #SaveTheServer! ...
[Staff] ShipwreckV27 a There are kits....O_o
Info for the Mumble serer:
port: 64738
See ya there!
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geo11_2012An Easier Way of watching my video :)
Shipcraft - Towny PvP Minecraft Server
Shipcraft is a friendly and exciting Minecraft server. We ha...
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Vanroden   =) i built the XP farm lol
PortgasDace   really D:
geo11_2012   The texture pack is Pvp Faithful
AbinTheGuardianhere's my server review to youtube :) I know I know, my voice is so high because of bad mic :(
[Server Review] [First Video]: Minecraft SHIPCRAFT Server re...
IP: (JOIN THE SERVER NOW!) This server is a cr...
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Ultramango11   Good Go at Keeping the server up and popular(er)
Ultramango11Dear Shipcraft members I'd Like to say a HUGE sorry to:
And all Members who have felt like ive upset them

Im sorry for my hates to peoples Staff apps
Sorry for calling people and being an Real Pain
Ive gone through a rough period on the server recently due to some members giving me hates comments and disliking me as a player. I Am trying to change on the serever to a polite welcome player. That i have seen others be like. And i am gonna try to help the community out alittle (SC).

P.S ive heard people name me as a hacker and stuffies like that. I have never done it since but agree it was wrong sorry guys sorry staffies -_-

Hope this can spark a friendship back between us just like it used to be.

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Ultramango11   Thanks Port =D
Steve   [AFK]Steve
Ultramango11   Lol Steve
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Ultramango11   xD
geo11_2012My video advertising Shipcraft
Shipcraft - Towny PvP Minecraft Server
Shipcraft is a friendly and exciting Minecraft server. We ha...
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Steve   My Recorder wont work :(
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*pokes everyone painfully in the uterus*
Is there a such thing as a "Builder Application?"
Hey waffle server still outdated xD
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