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[Staff] maddybojenkins aQueen posted Fri at 20:18

Ship has kindly stepped in and covered the cost of the server next month, and that calls for a big thank you to him. However, just because our current situation has changed, what goes on behind the scenes should not be forgotten. Money is still a big factor in the progress of the server, as is recognition and drive. Many of our staff have lost motivation just as the players have lost interest, but the only way to reinvigorate the community is to build it up again. We've done it once and can do it again with the right effort.

If you, like many players and staff, have found friends, enjoyment, and made fond memories with this community, then consider taking a moment to see how you're able give back and help more people experience the same magic. We understand how difficult it is to find money, so don't think that donating is the only way. Any of the following help immensely to bring life back into the server you all love:

1. Voting for the server (do this while logged in and you even get some nice loot!). This really does draw in new players when a lot of people keep it up regularly. The staff needs to kick their voting game into gear as well. ;D

2. Sharing our ip with friends and family. You can get really creative with this one! Many players enjoy making Youtube videos showing off their towns or the server spawn. You can post links to your videos or other advertisement below to show off. :)

3. Share pictures of your creations! If you've built something great on your creative plot or have a bomb-diggity house in survival, take some screenshots and post them on the site or on social networks. Tell people how they can see your masterpiece! If it's really cool, we might even incorporate your build into the server!

4. Help welcome new players. Whether it's simply greeting new players and having a conversation or answering any questions they may have, being there for newbies makes the server that much more inclusive. Let them know what there is to do and why you love the server. When you first joined, what made you stay? Keep that in mind when someone new logs on. 

5. Play on the server! This means sometimes being the one to break the 0/50 player count. Once one person logs on, it creates a domino effect bringing in more and more players. This also helps make new players feel welcome and actually want to play on the server and join the community (or at least show them there is one!). Many people find the most enjoyment just from playing with their friends, rather than the specific features of the server. Of course, if you want to see something added, you can always let us know through a ticket or a message.

6. Most obviously, if you have a few bucks you want to kick our way, we extremely appreciate it. Every dollar goes into the server and allows the staff to focus more on how to improve the server, rather than how to sustain it each month. Plus, we do our best to thank you without making things unbalanced (and therefore, no fun). If you don't have enough for a rank, you can donate through the donation module at the bottom of the page. And yes! We will total all your donations together and adjust your rank accordingly. (It's worth it to bring attention to our cheaper ranks as well, starting at $5, rather than $20.)

7. Share your ideas with us. We've always asked for what you want added, and we're serious about suggestions! We take all of them into consideration and implement most of the ideas we receive. We want the server to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, and that starts with the players' voices.

Pick a way to contribute that best fits you, or even make up your own way to help! Let's all put forth the effort to bring about another high for our server.

Thanks from the Torchlight Team. Have a great week! :)

Black_Beard Another spring of hope indeed. Only if the players make a difference.
Jason That was ALOT to read but I understand- There are some problems with voting, you lose your xp. Me & Kiro were grindi ...
ғλтнεя түяσηεI picked a bad time to stop huffing glue. This is some shonky business m8s. My regards to all of the staff, especially Maddy, my time on here with everyone was great, thanks guys. I don't claim to have voted really much at all, which looking back, I wish I did more, but I think arguing isn't helping the case. (My opinions on Lords' walls-o-text notwithstanding.) Minecraft is most certainly no longer in it's prime, which is quite sad. The community tension may be the consistency of Vietnam Rice Fields, but I think what we take away from here is the experience we all had with the server. Get pissed at me all you want, but coming form someone who unofficially left before this all happened, it makes me sad to see everything go to shit. The best of luck to everyone who left, and the Staff as well, for without you guys, this all wouldn't have stayed together for as long as it did. This may truly be the end times, but it was fun while it lasted.

> inb4 someone gets mad at me for jumping into something after I mostly left the server
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SadisticBunny i guess i could vote 8? - 16 times on the weekend and 8-24 times on a week day
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Black_BeardGuys, stop arguing. It wouldn't help at all...
Look forward to Peace and Unity.
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Black_Beard   If Mr. Shipcraft is a good old guy where his time has come and we are his Daughters and Sons.
Would he like to us to be like "this"? Not united for him.
Would he even like that we are blaming each other for his death?
Would he even "Rest in Peace"?
Black_Beard   Is this what he wanted?
Jason   U Just got told ^
[Staff] lordgodzxiiiTo the server: NewNewb: Your arguement is invalid. Back in 1.5, minecraft was in it's golden ages. It was a popular game once upon a time, a lot of people played it. We only had a lot of players because of this fact. Its been a year or two since that time and look at the game as a whole. Its dying. You can't blame the server for the loss of players. Minecraft as a whole is the blame for the loss of players. Sure you idiots didn't vote but thats besides the point. Take a look at famous minecraft youtubers now-a-days. Where are they? Last time I checked, the amount of minecraft videos have decrease dramatically. Surely this is a sign of a dying game. Look at shipcraft back in 1.5. Come on... the staff was shit and really didn't give a damn about you. Sure we were nice and all but we were never truly didicated. Now fast forward to 1.7 or 1.6 or whatever (too many god damn versions of this game). That was when the real didication of staff kicked in. We introduced so many new ideas and plugins for you guys. We created arena and games. We did everything we could for you guys. But where were the players? we did everything we could to pull people back. But where were they? they didnt come back. You guys never appreciated the work that was put into this crap. All we asked for was for you guys to enjoy the server and at least vote. But nobody fucking voted. Nobody fucking gave a shit. If the players dont give a shit about the server, Why the fuck should staff care either? We all set aside our personal lives for you guys. Did we ever expect any sort of money in return? No, not really. We used the money from our own pockets to keep this server up. Our hard earned cash. But all for what? So you little shits can sit around and bitch how the server and staff suck? what the fuck guys. We put our heart and soul into this shit.
The reason why staff left is because people move on. People grow up, we cant be playing the same shit over and over. We cant give it our all if the players dont even appreciate the work we do.

The reason why I left was because I failed myself, the staff, and the players. I delayed the grand reopening of the server cuz I had this amazing plan to implement. I was creating a custom map, built with custom biomes and everything. The beta version of it was pretty damn nice if i have to say so myself. I was 80% done when I did the retarded move of copy and pasting the wrong file into the server and ended up losing all my progress. Everything i worked on for an entire month or two was gone. How could I face the staff and players as the guy we wrecked and delayed everything. I also quit minecraft after that cuz, frankly it became a child's game to me. It became boring. Not to mention i started college and got a job. What time could i put into the server? That is why I quit. Sorry.

Have a little respect for maddy and the other staff. Putting the server ahead of their personal lives. Maddy especially, who carried on the will of the server after many gave up. At least she fucking tried. She wasn't even with us in 1.5 yet she put her heart and soul into the server. Even through her illness she still tried to do everything she could for the server. Yet you guys bash her and the server. Grow the fuck up you peice of shits. It makes me sick how the once dedicated players are turning their backs on the server and its staff. Shame on you guys. You have no right to call yourselves "SHIPCRAFTERS" after turning your backs on the server and not supporting it. For all I care, you can all be called "Shitcrappers"

(reposted to be seen)
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Jason   I was born in Australia. So I was born HOT?
Black_Beard   hawt hawt hawt
Vanroden   ^ too soon.
VanrodenNo one else is aloud to post about shipcraft past this point unless you have been voting everyday, Because if you haven't you dont really care
Jason   post oOoOoOo & since when did u make the rules?
Jason   + Its Allowed m8

that lead me to play minecraft, this is where my adventure began, all the fun,sorrows,disappointments,arguements and where friendships began. I missed the days of raiding,stealing,destroying and the terrible events that happened xD its been 2 years that Shipcraft gave me memories with you guys D:
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