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Vanilla. Yup were bringing it back! You asked for it. 
Comming soon!
dayoldgoat Goat says vanilla taste like jesus
Diilllon Well yeah but it was a switch well made
Plazmatical Only took 17 days to switch back.
As of today we are shutting down our vanilla server to make room for our ftb tppi server. This doesn't mean the end of classic shipcraft, only that we are putting it on hold. The numbers just aren't adding up and it wouldn't make sense to run it on such a powerful server. Therefore we may bring back vanilla one day. We just can't spend time and resources on something nobody is going to play. 
If you would like to play on our ftb server. Download tppi under 3rd party packs and join via the original shipcraft ip. It is recommended to run it with 2.5 g ram dedicated to java
Diilllon I have to say, Im pretty sad however we all saw it coming
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xXFighter176XxHalloween be getting closer... Can't wait to be able to play Minecraft again after 3 months.
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was Made to fix creative.
This is just my perspective. The reason some people stopped playing vanilla is because sometimes i felt like the staff did something and moved on. Instead of every once in a while going back and fixing stuff. For example i dont think much an effort
Also if you were to make a vanilla server, you can use command blocks to TP to home and spawn, using the .home and .spawn commands.
you might want to look at this for a 1.8 server. [link]
We're here so we can all have fun, right? So let's have fun. Let's make this fun.
we're supposed to be a community, not a dictatorship or anything like that. Just please, as your friend, fellow player and admin and whatever you want to think of me, I'd really like to ask you all, and I do mean /you all/ to tell us how to improve
-entertaining for them as it is for us. But we don't get a lot of feedback, sadly. Many won't even try to come on, I'm not sure what's the problem. We get like 5 people who actually speak their opinions and the rest just tag along quietly, come on,
Whereas complaining isn't. But yeah that's the thing Vanro, neither the staff nor the players are being devoted. Many of us have stuff going on, but we still try to do our best. We want our player's opinions on the stuff we add so it can be as entert
there aren't enough plugins to entertain them on the server, but hey guess what we're modded now, there's no way you could be bored on the server now. So, instead of sitting there waiting for 1.8, why not come on the modded server? It's a lot of fun.
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