Please hang tight as we move things around and get everything situated. Thanks peeps!
Maddy edit: We're looking for names for a larger community of several games, possibly including but not limited to our mc server, a gmod server, and a tekkit server. Therefore, please try to avoid coming up with names that include "craft" or keywords that apply only to a specific game. For example, don't say things like "CoolGuyCraft" or "Minepalooza" that only work for minecraft servers. Thanks again for your suggestions!

We may be expanding our community soon to include new games, and more fun stuff to do. With that in mind, we are looking to come up with a more community focused name for our little group of friends. The Minecraft server will still be Shipcraft, named after our long departed leader [huehue] but for the conglomerate were hoping for something a little bigger.

That's why we've come to you--give us your ideas, your suggestions, even your vague ideas. If we like them, you might just end up naming us for long to come. So post below with any names you think are really cool, and we will look em over and hopefully one of you guys comes up with a winner.

If we find two or more we like, we will also hold a poll, but look for that in the near future. There's no limit on suggestions, but don't spam the comments either. Good luck guys, and good hunting!

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Mythic_Legand   It may be /back
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Black_BeardSo Microsoft is buying Minecraft, what could be the possibilities?
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