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Vanilla. Yup we're bringing it back! You asked for it. 
Coming soon!
xXFighter176Xx I wish to go onto the server but I got so much school work.
[Staff] lordgodzxiii a You guys ask for more things to do. (More things to do) = change. (Change) = bad . ??? When we add something new to vani ...
ғλтнεя түяσηε I think Plaz is catching on... xD
As of today we are shutting down our vanilla server to make room for our ftb tppi server. This doesn't mean the end of classic shipcraft, only that we are putting it on hold. The numbers just aren't adding up and it wouldn't make sense to run it on such a powerful server. Therefore we may bring back vanilla one day. We just can't spend time and resources on something nobody is going to play. 
If you would like to play on our ftb server. Download tppi under 3rd party packs and join via the original shipcraft ip. It is recommended to run it with 2.5 g ram dedicated to java
Diilllon I have to say, Im pretty sad however we all saw it coming
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xXFighter176XxHalloween be getting closer... Can't wait to be able to play Minecraft again after 3 months.
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I hope everyone has a SAFE and happy Halloween! D: Dolan and I are gonna do stuffs together <3
It is not like I been here at ship craft since the beginning but, I been here for a quite long time and seen how economy works. It does work for like first 2 month and afterward... well... I see a pattern:
Hello. It's been a while since I have been online for a while. Anyway, I MUST suggest/ more like this would like to be fixed in vanilla server. The economy...
Yay original vanilla is coming back! WOO
Although my computer wasnet the main reason i no longer played modded it was shore part of it. Playing modded was more like a powerpoint
I can kind of see where people are coming from with the modded server idea. I though the Hexxit server we had at one poiunt was good, but if people want to play Vanilla, that's their incentive. I've never really liked FTB, more of a Technic person my
To be fair, even I drifted away because my computer couldn't handle ftb. But now we're moving back to our original server, so like Lexii said, please tell us your suggestions if you have them. If we don't know what you like, we can't implement it.
I love looking at the shoutbox and watch people do nothing but complain. 8/8 m8s
There you go lexii.
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