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We may be expanding our community soon to include new games, and more fun stuff to do. With that in mind, we are looking to come up with a more community focused name for our little group of friends. The Minecraft server will still be Shipcraft, named after our long departed leader [huehue] but for the conglomerate were hoping for something a little bigger.

Thats why we come to you, give us your ideas, your suggestions, your vague ideas. ?If we like them, you might just end up naming us for long to come. So post below with any names you think are really cool, and we will look em over and hopefully one of you guys comes up with a winner.

If we find two or more we like, we will also hold a poll, but look for that in the near future. You've got till friday to come up with something awesome, there's no limit on suggestions, but dont spam the comments either. Good luck guys, and good hunting!

Tuggle Tugg-Nation Tuggland Tugg-Boat of Dreams
MattMaster5657 Shipcraft
Diglett DiglettCraft


[Staff] TheWaffleChef a posted Thu at 18:21
For some reason or another, our current map has been corrupting at an unusually high rate. This has been the cause of all of the crashes as of late, someone will log on and crash is instantly. We are working on a new map and getting it up and running, we will be giving you plenty of time to move all your goodies over to this new world, we are sorry for any inconveniences but its just something that's gotta happen.

Keep watching here to stay up to date.
Diilllon Will staff worldedit our bases like they did in 1.5?
→JonMaster← I just hope this other world won't be crashing either


[Staff] Lexii a posted Aug 24, 14
A big hip hip hooray for our old friend and staffie Jling941 who has just recently become a father! 
Welcome, Jamie! We wish you all the best in parenthood Jling, we're sure you'll do just great! And of course all the best for the baby Jamie! Congratulations!
xXFighter176Xx Congratulations! You're going to be great! ...
Diilllon Congrats!
NewNewb Congratz! So happy for you guys! ...
Going to make this short and sweet, in an effort to finally figure out these crashes that have been the plague of us, we had to pull Factions and re-add Towny. We are working on a way to get people to their faction homes if you dont otherwise have access to it, please do bear with us. Thanks guys, see you online!

I just want to do a quick shout out to the folks who have recently donated. It goes a long way to making sure the server stays up nice and long, and I and all of our staff and players are all very thankful! So thanks guys, a millions times over.
602sparky and luuluu9087 joined ShipCraft
little_lingThis guy was super noob hahah #DontCare With Ted luulu and diillon Dont mess with out town lol :p
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Diglett   Is that some lava griefing I see?
MattMaster5657   You careless kids and your pointless hashtags.
SpeedKick101   joined ShipCraft
xXFighter176Xxhope the server gets fixed! Good luck Admins of awesomeness! ^_^
GuavaCraft   joined ShipCraft
darklexic   joined ShipCraft
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KurisutaruMun   joined ShipCraft
PortgasDace-.- okay guys i just wanted to join the server then suddenly i just got banned...soooooo irdk wat to do then it said maybe I AM the one causing the crashes. just saying i just dont want to be the problem....
little_ling   U are in a corrupted chunk or something alot of people have had it been like that they need to just remove u from that chunk and everything should be fixed but idk ;(
S1lentTed   if u want it fixed, they have to get a new world, but I think its better to wait till 1.8 comes out and then get a new world with the 1.8 stuff in it
StarkonTheMageI AM BACK! Finnaly playing SC again
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Jason   wb
xXFighter176XxI hope ShipCraft doesn't fall apart while I am living tha freshman lifestyle. Seriously it is fun but it also sucks.
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Guise I found out how Ted has so many hours played. He logs on for the day and leaves his MC open for hours and hours and hours on end
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