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To a dear friend

[Staff] ShipwreckV27 a posted Mon at 17:38
Hi guys, once again i am turning to you guys for help. A beloved staff member of ours has fallen ill. What i ask of you is for donations and so for the remainder of December and the month of January any donations received will go directly towards helping them out. I will still honor the ranks you purchase and you will get the satisfaction of knowing your donation went to a great cause! Please guys, if ever you've considered donating this would be the time!
Jason OMG who?! I will try my best Ship
Were  growing very close to opening our doors. Thanks for the patience guys!Cant wait to play with all of you again.

New Town
Epic_Syrup how will we get our donator ranks back? i mean even if we do. ive been on without it
Black_Beard Yes you are when you're reading this.
DiamondGamerPC Oh believe me I am STILL ALIVE.
JesusDHG   joined Torchlight Gaming Community
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Black_BeardHey guys! What brought you here to Torchlight/Shipcraft?
MattMaster5657   I joined because of some random server IP on some YouTube comment. I was so dumb back then.
Diilllon   Beb and wab brought me here
Plazmatical   There was a gun to the back of my head
StarkonTheMage hi everyone
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Nyxie   joined Torchlight Gaming Community
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ludakrispy   joined Torchlight Gaming Community
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I like war :>
Ok thx Sadi
The servers up btw
Any ideas as to why the server's down?
Darude Sandstorm
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